• Dragon Line Heaters 100% Canadian manufactured innovative design and rugged build enables it to withstand extreme weather and use.

• Dragon Line Heaters’ utilize boiler steam to heat water flow to pressure washers using a stainless steel coil inside the heating chamber.

• Dragon Line Heaters’ allow users to manually adjust water temperature from cold to steaming hot.

• Water being heated after the pressure washer pump will prolong wash pump life.

• Pressurized hot water goes through the hand wand.


Typical Installation

Winter drilling and service rigs outfitted with Dragon Line Heaters’ patented design have the ability to efficiently heat water for pressure washers without damaging your pressure washer pumps internal parts with high heat.

Environmental responsibility is crucial to remaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. Stop using additional energy sources to heat pressure washer unit water. Use the on-site steam through the Dragon Line Heater to do the job effectively, efficiently and with environmental awareness.


Water heating used for Cleaning, degreasing, descaling, stripping, de-icing & thawing, dust control.

 Dragon Line Heater Features:

• ABSA Certified

• Patented Unit

• Environmentally responsible (utilizes rig boiler system)

• No secondary fuel source (complies with rig site safety)

• High Pressure Rated Construction

• Bypass Valves for Season Changes

• Stainless Steel Heating Coil

• Heats from Cold to 200ºF

• Will Not Damage Pressure Washer

• Zero Pressure Loss

• Drain valves to prevent freezing while in transit

• Extensive Field Testing




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