“Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heaters can be a cost saving environmentally friendly addition to any business using onsite generated steam”.

As research and development the search for steam boiler systems that utilize and allow for effective heat transfer Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heater hits the mark by not using additional energy sources to heat water for your pressure washer unit. 

Using on-site steam and introducing it through the Dragon Line Heater after your pressure wash pump you can achieve your worksite objectives for degreasing, cleaning and thawing ice cost effectively with more environmental awareness.

Oil & Gas

Drilling Rigs outfitted with Dragon Line Heaters intrinsically safe patented design have the ability to efficiently heat water for pressure washers without damaging the pressure units with high heat. 

Use less chemicals and water with greater effectiveness when you integrate a Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heater on your drilling rigs.  

Forestry Pulp Mills

The accumulation of dust at sawmills is a constant concern and has cost the industry millions of dollars in shutdowns and untold man hours to maintain a clean working environments. With several sawmill explosions in recent years due to the build up of dust mills are looking for ways to ensure thorough economical cleaning and maintenance in their workplaces.  

Mining &Transportation

Carwashes, industrial equipment maintenance, vessel cleaning and descaling can all benefit from the cost savings and environmental gains by using onsite generated steam while using less cleaning chemicals.

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