“Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heaters can be a cost saving environmentally friendly addition to any business using onsite generated steam”.

Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heaters hit the mark in energy efficiency by not relying on additional energy sources to heat water in pressure washer units.

Dragon Line Heaters are a cost effective and environmental way to heat water for your high pressure wash pump unit to improve cleaning and degreasing capabilities. 

Oil & Gas

Drilling Rigs outfitted with Dragon Line Heaters can efficiently heat water for pressure washers without damaging the pressure units with high heat due to its intrinsically safe patented design. By introducing a Dragon Thermal Technologies inline heater to your drilling rigs, you are will need less water and no chemicals for your cleaning and degreasing needs.

Forestry Pulp Mills

Dust accumulation is a constant concern for sawmills because of its potential to cause downtime. With Dragon Line Heaters, sawmills can utilize onsite steam to thoroughly clean the work area of any dust, keeping the workplace safe. 

Mining &Transportation

Carwashes, industrial equipment maintenance, vessel cleaning, and descaling can all benefit from the cost saving and environmental gains of using onsite generated steam by using less cleaning chemicals.


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